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Free contents on the Unix operating system.   Topics are Unix overview,  hints and tips, programming, example, questions with answers, FAQ, Unix interview questions you can used for your Job interviews. 

Unix Forum
Post your problems to the Unix Community.  This is an email discussion group for Unix administrators, system programmers, designers, system engineers to share information and request assistance from Unix PEERS around the world.   The discussion topics should be focused on anything about Unix and it related issues.

Unix Discussion Forum for Unix Professional
Overview Unix Tech Tips for DBA Disk Port Programming Learning Session 
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Digital UNIX Tru64

Files Directory Unix Exercise Servers Memory Password Secruity Users
HP-UX SCO AWK Differences Unix Scripts

Questions on Unix

MCQ Questions with Answers
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Job Interview Questions

Knowledge Testing Sendmail File Transfer Protocol Kernel Useful Commands 
 Tips and Tricks
  • vi Search Across Carriage Return
  • Dump to a File
  • Edit all the Files
  • Copy Entire FileSystems
  • Replace Data in a File
  • Gzip Many Logfiles in One Time
  • Zipping Files Recursively
  • Ftp / Get Command Usage
  • corrupt/etc/system, Unable to Boot
  • Counting Files or Directories
  • C Shell Command Recall
  • crontab Core Removals
  • Display all Files except some
  • Cut Huge Log Files in Half
  • Unix Date Processing
  • Deleting Blank Lines Using AWK
  • Disable the CDE Front Panel
  • Disable Unused Daemons
  • Extract Last Field
  • File Systems Limitation 2 GB or Physical Disk Size
  • How to specify colors in unix?
  • How does a kill Process Work?
  • FUSER instead of  PS for PID
  • IP Forwarding using IPtables
  • Unix FAQ
  • Review The History And The Commands
  • Daily Motivation and Inspiration Motivation and Inspiration Quotes, Stories
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