SAP SD (Sales and Distribution Functionality) Hints and Tips

Many useful SAP SD module hints and tips to assist those consultant supporting the SAP Sales and Distribution module. 

What is mySAP SD?
The SAP sales and distribution functionality is part of the logistics module that support your customers, starting from quotations, sales order and all the way towards billing the customer.  It is tightly integrated with the MM and PP functional modules.  It allows companies to input their customer sales price, check for open orders and forecast etc.

The most important basic functional features in the sd module are:
- Pricing                                           - Availability Check 
- Credit Management                        - Material Determination 
- Output Determination                     - Text Processing 
- Tax Determination                          - Account Determination

SD Menu
SAP SD Pricing  -  Billing / Shipping

Table of Contents

Real SD Exam Experience
SAP SD Certification Exam - My Experience

Overview of SAP SD Flow
SAP SD Overview
SAP Sales and Distribution Processing Document Flow

Tcodes / Reports
Reports in Sales and Distribution Modules
Transaction Codes for Standard Reports used in SD Module
SD Config In Enterprise Structure

Sales Order
Screens in the Sales Documents
Sales Document Type
Define Number Ranges For Sales Documents
Function of Sales Document Type
How To Configure New Division/Sales Area/Sales Office
Assign Business Area To Plant and Division
Common Distribution Channel and Division
Define Account Assignment Group
Block Sales Docu Type / Delivery / Billing by Customer
Block Material in Sales Order
Wrong/duplicate RE Created
Sales Order Item price is grey
Sales reservation
Sales Order Stock
Analyze the difference between Forecast and Confirm SO
Backorder Processing
Third Party Sales Process
Third Party Order Processing
Defining Company and Assigning Sales Organization
Schedule Line Categories and Schedule Agreements
How The System Proposes Probability For Each Item
Item Proposal VS Material Determination
Consignment Pickup and Consignment Return Process
What is Stock Transfer Order
Mass Updation Of Sales Order
Difference Between Cash Sales and Rush Order
How To Configure Product Hierarchy
Customer Hierarchy in Sales Order Processing
Steps for Partner Determination Config in IMG
Usage of Assortments (Transaction code - WSO1)
Company's Order To Cash Process
How Free Goods Are Configured
Process Of Inter Company Sales
Steps for Incompletion Procedure
Sales Order Incompletion Log
SAP SD Asset Sales

Link Sales Order To Old Contracts

Info Structure
Update Rules for Info Structures

Availability Check
What Is Availability check
What is Forward and Backward Scheduling
Movement type determination and Availability Check
Checking Rule In Availability Check

Product Group and Sales BOM
Small Notes on BOM in SD

Credit Management
SAP SD Credit Management Tcodes
Releasing the Credit Block
Useful SAP Credit Management program
Difference Between Static and Dynamic Credit Check
Step By Step and What Is Credit Limit Check
Credit Management FI
Dunning Process Used In Credit Management
Small Notes on Credit Control Management

SAP SD Books
Implementing SAP ERP Sales & Distribution

SAP Sales and Distribution Certification Guide

SAP SD Interview Questions, Answers, 
and Explanations

What is SAP SD Consultant

Mass Print Sales Order
Default Output Type for Sales Order Header

Master Data
Tax Determination in Sales and Distribution
Text Determination Procedure in SAP SD
Knowledge Of Master Data For SAP SD
SAP Sales and Distribution Beginner Notes

Customers and Partners
Partner Procedures
One Time Customer
Good Return from Customer
SD Customer Master Tables Link
Rebate Agreement and Partner Determination
Don't want Payer in the Sales Order
Account and Partner Determination
Set Up Of The Partner Determination
How To Block and Unblock The Customer

Setting Defaults
Default values for Sales Order by users
Mandatory Order Reason for certain Document Type
4.6x Default Column Sequence for Sales Order
Delivery/Billing Due List - Select/Unselect the Default
Date Format Changes

Message and Error
Message Control
Missing Export Data

Free Goods
Free Goods Determination

Bonus Items
Procedure For Configuring Bonus Buy

SAP Sales and Distribution Forum at the convenient of your mail box
Exchange SD problems/solutions, tips, ideas with other SAP SD peers from around the globe.

SAP SD Forum for SD Professional

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