Kindle PaperWhite Tips and Tricks

The main reason I bought the Kindle PaperWhite for my children is because unlike tablets like iPad or Samsung Galaxy Note, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is specifically designed to deliver the best reading experience.  Furthermore, it is a pure eReader device and your kids can't do anything else with it except reading.

The main benefits of getting an Kindle PaperWhite are as follows:

  • No screen glare even in bright sunlight.
  • You can read with one hand as it is over 30% lighter than iPad mini.
  • The battery lasts weeks and not hours.
  • No need to carry books around helps to reduced the demands for tress.
  • Most importantly, their next-gen built-in light enable you to read without eyestrain.
As the Singapore currency is quite strong, it makes business sense purchase your All New Kindle Paperwhite at Amazon U.S.

Purchasing a Kindle Paperwhite in Singapore 

  • Go to the Kindle PaperWhite page and purchase an eReader. 

  • (last check shows that you can now ship your Kindle PaperWhite direct to your Singapore address without any 3rd party Forwarder.)
    - You can use your local credit card with correct local billing address to do this. You do not need to use any VPN.) 
  • The new Kindle Paperwhite will be automatically linked to your Amazon account. 
  • Ship it to a third party mail forwarder like: 

  • - (Register to get your Overseas Address for those living in Singapore)
    - (Citibank credit card required, go to 'get a virtual address') 
    - (go to 'get my US address') are excellent. They both use DHL.
  • When you get your Kindle Paperwhite, immediately register it. 
  • After connecting to your home WIFI, register it by filling in your Amazon username and password at 

  • "Home -> Settings -> Register".

The Shopping Flow:

Register with a Forwarder like 
=> Buy Kindle PaperWhite
==> Ship to your chosen Forwarder 
===> Forwarder (.e.g. will Ship to You

Delivery Time: Estimate to be around 14 days. 
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