Buy Kindle Books Outside US

Guide to Buying Kindle ebooks Outside US

First, you must know that Amazon does not support any Kindle book purchases Outside United States of America.

Therefore, this small guide was written as a workaround solution to provide a way for buying Kindle books in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia or any Kindle PaperWhite lover living outside U.S.A.

The following are the steps that will help you to purchase your e-books for your Kindle PaperWhite.

Step 1. Purchase a Gift Card 

  • Proceed to and to manage your Kindle page.
  • Set your country location to USA. You may use any America address.  The address that Borderlinx gave you is also okay to use and also the one from

  • Tips: You can easily find out your local Forwarder that provide such services which can provide you with an US address.
  • Purchase a  Gift Card with your local credit card and email the gift card to your email address.
  • For delivery method, choose digital and e-mail.
  • Email the Gift Card to Yourself.
  • Check your email and get the Gift Card code.
  • On your account page, click ‘Apply a Gift Card to Your Account’ and enter the code of the Gift Card.
  • When you have Gift Card funds, Amazon will always use that before your credit cards.
  • Go to your account, ‘manage payment options’, and erase all your credit card information with
  • You are now ready to buy your Kindle PaperWhite ebooks.
Step 2. Travel Virtually to USA
  • Visit 

  • Tips: Using VPN is a cheap solution as you do not need to purchase an air ticket and travel with your Kindle to the US.
    The cheapest bandwidth package can last you for years.
  • Once you have an account you can purchase bandwidth and download the VPN client.
  • After signing up the account, download the VPN software and install.
  • Login and connect. Open the internet browser. 

  • Tips: Check and make sure you see your new IP address at or
Step 3. Purchase your Kindle ebooks
  • Always check that you have sufficient funds in your Amazon account.  If not, then buy more Gift Card.

  • Tips: Always check your Gift card balances before making any purchases. 
  • Select and shop for your ebooks from Kindle store using your Gift Card balance.
  • After this point, the next step is to transfer your purchased book to your Kindle device.
Important: Do not buy eBooks (even if the books are free) with the Kindle device as you will raise Red Flag From Amazon.

Step 4. Download the Kindle books and sync to your kindle via USB cable

  • Go to ‘My Account’. Go to ‘Digital Content’ and then click on the “Manage Your Kindle” link.
  • Then scroll down until you see, ‘Your Orders’.
  • Click the Actions button on the Right and Choose  “Download & transfer via USB” option to download your ebooks to your computer.

  • Tips: Sometimes, Amazon might just change the wording, previously,  it was "Download to my Computer".  You should be flexible in such case to know that it is referring to the same task.
Download and Transfer via USB
  • Connect your Kindle via USB cable and drop the purchased books into your Documents folder of your Kindle.
  • You have completed the whole process and your e-book is now available for reading.
Download Problems Encountered

Not too sure why it happen but when I used my Internet Explorer to download, nothing happened.  So, I downloaded the Chrome and the Download works.

Step 5. Disconnect

  • After you bought your Kindle book, do remember to disconnect the VPN.

  • Tips: Check to ensure you Logout of your VPN account as you do not want to waste it till your next Kindle books shopping.
    Check your IP address again at or to make sure you have travel virtually back from the US.
  • There are many free ebook for kindle to found in Amazon website.  You can “shop” for the free ones first and download in your Kindle product and see that you can follow the whole procedure before buying the paid ebooks.

  • Tips: Search for Free ebooks on Amazon by typing "0.00".
  • Kindle electronic book are quite simple to buy and download once you already know this procedure.
  • Purchasing ebooks for your Kindle in the long run will save more money and trees.  With Amazon bargaining power, Kindle ebook is always remain cheaper than the printed book.
Enjoy reading from your Kindle!
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