Red Flag From Amazon

Why you should not download Kindle books when Outside US

For those who are living outside America, never purchase Kindle books direct from Amazon.  Don't even download those free Kindle books from Amazon.

Read the Buy Kindle Books Outside US guide if you need to purchase any Kindle books from Amazon.

If you do, you will raise a Red Flag From Amazon and you there will be an email send to you for verification.

Subject: Your Kindle Account

from Amazon.

We are writing because the home country registered to your Kindle account may not match your country of residence. Due to publishing rights, the home country registered to your account must match your country of residence. 

To continue purchasing titles available for the United States, please send a copy of your valid government-issued identity card, passport, or a utility bill received within the previous 90 days to our secure fax line:

Within the US: 206-266-1838
Outside the US: (00)1-206-266-1838

For your security, you may obscure the passport, ID, or account number. However, we ask that you do not obscure any portion of your name, your address, or any expiration or statement dates. 

Your fax will be converted to a secure electronic image that will never be printed. Once we have completed the verification process, we will delete the image.

If you have moved to a different country, you can update your home country in the Manage Your Kindle section of your Amazon account (

1. Login to
2. Click "Country Settings."
3. Click "Change."
4. Choose an existing home address from your account or enter a new one.
5. Click “Update.”

We may restrict your home country setting if you continue to purchase from the catalog of titles for the United States without completing the verification process.

We appreciate your cooperation. 

Account Specialist
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