Kindle Paperwhite Tips and Tricks

Hidden Tips and Tricks Found in Amazon Kindle Paper White

Like any other device you bought, after using it, you will soon discover some nice hidden features in it. 

The following are some nice and useful Kindle Paperwhite tips and tricks discovered after using it for a period of time.

Take screen shots

Tap the top left and bottom right part of the screen simultaneously. The top right and bottom left works too.

Turn off recommended content

Do you know you can turn off those annoying recommended content on your home screen.  No need to pay extra for removing the Amazon advertisement.

Simply go to Menu -> Settings -> Device Options -> Personalize Your Kindle -> Recommended Content

Change your device's name

If you bought your Kindle with you own Amazon account, it's probably came registered with your name on it. However, for some reason, you want to change your Kindle's name. To do so, go to Menu -> Settings -> Device Options -> Personalize Your Kindle -> Device Name

Change Kindle's Send-To-Kindle email address

Since the launch of the Kindle Keyboard, Amazon introduced "Send-To-Kindle" and an email address for every Kindle to manage your personal documents. To change it, you've to navigate to the Personal Documents Settings section of the Manage Your Kindle page on the Amazon website. You can change it to any name, as long as it's available.

Turn off wireless

After using your Kindle Paperwhite for a few hours, you must've noticed that there is no Turn off wireless button. Don't worry, as there's another way. Just navigate to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode. An airplane icon will appear on the top right corner of your Kindle next to the battery icon.

Reduce "Not Yet Indexed" items

You might not know this, but every time you download a new item to your Kindle, it needs to be indexed. This is done 'behind the scenes' while you continue using your device. Normally, it should run smoothly, but sometimes it might get stuck. When you notice your Kindle's battery is draining quicker than usual for no reason, you need to restart your Kindle. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Menu > Restart. After that, check that it's running smoothly by typing a random set of letters, such as 'ksijvsofi' in the search field on your home screen. When the results are No Not Yet Indexed Items, your problem is solved.

Put periodicals in collections

It's widely believed that periodicals could not be put into a collection, but I found a loophole. First, create a collection by going to Menu -> Create New Collection. Next, tick your periodicals presented in the list. Now, whenever you want to add a periodical to that collection, long tap that particular collection and tap Add/Remove Items and tick your desired items.

Download new dictionaries

Your Kindle Paperwhite probably came installed with a dozen dictionaries. If you're still unsatisfied with that, which you probably won't, Google for a dictionary download. There must be tons of websites that offers this, such as this. Just connect your Kindle via USB and transfer it to the dictionary folder located in the documents folder.

Check Special Offers regularly

For those of you who bought a 'Special Offers' enabled Kindle, don't feel annoyed by them. In fact, they may be able to help you save a few dollars. For instance, few months ago, I saw a special offer on a free audio book and downloaded it immediately. The price changed a few days later. So, remember to check your 'Special Offers' regularly. To do so, tap Menu -> View Special Offers.

Check for software updates

Who doesn't want software updates for their devices? To get the most out of your device, go to the Amazon website to check for software updates. A few weeks ago, Amazon released a major software update for the Kindle Touch. Those who're alert got their hands on it the moment it was released, whereas those lazy ones are required to wait for it to automatically downloaded. To check what software version your Kindle is, tap Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Device Info.

Reset Reading Progress

The Kindle Paperwhite has a feature called Time-To-Read. It automatically predicts how long you will need to finish the book by measuring you reading speed. In case you lend someone your Kindle and would like to reset it, just enter ;ReadingTimeReset in the search field when inside a book.

Check Storage Space

Your Kindle Paperwhite comes with 2 GB of built-in storage space, 1.25 GB of it which are available for user content. When you've downloaded tons of books in it, and you would like to check how much memory is left, tap Menu -> Settings -> Menu -> Device Info.

That's all folks, hope you enjoy reading the Kindle Paperwhite tips and tricks.
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