SAP PP Production Planning Configuration Hints and Tips

Useful PP hints and tips to help those consultant supporting the SAP PP modules. 

Production Planning support the planning for the types and quantities of products on demand to assist production.  It includes procurement, warehousing and the transportation of materials and intermediate products from one stage of production to another as well as resource allocation to complete the production process in a timely manner.

MRP Tips
Material Requirements Planning

Table of Contents
Material BOM Table Name Transaction Codes Work Center Routing SAP Production Order Status
SAP PP Books
Production Planning and Control with SAP ERP

SAP MM / PP Interview Questions, Answers,
and Explanations: SAP Production Planning Certification

more Books on SAP Production Planning

SAP PP Ebook
A Step by Step Guide to the
SAP PP Shop Floor Control Configurations

PP Questions

Requirement Gathering Planned Order Capacity Planning Confirmation ECM KANBAN Archive  ABAP Reports for Production Planning

SAP Production Planning Forum at the convenient of your mail box
Exchange PP problems/solutions, tips, ideas with other SAP PP peers from around the globe

SAP PP Forum for PP Professional

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