SAP MRP - Materials Requirements Planning Configuration Hints and Tips

The main function of SAP MRP (Material Requirements Planning) is to guarantee material availability, it is used to procure or produce the requirement quantities on time both for internal purposes and for Sales and Distribution

This process involves the monitoring of stocks and, in particular, the automatic creation of procurement proposals for Purchasing and Production

Table of Contents

SAP Books
Books on SAP Production Planning

Overview Of MRP In SAP

The Main Five Steps Of MRP Process
Difference between MRP type manual reorder point and automatic reorder
Main difference between the MRP type PD and MPS type M0
Storage Location included/excluded from MRP
Planned Independant Requirement included/excluded in MRP run
Excluding/Including Safety Stock on Stock Requirements List
Safety Stock for Finish Material
MD02 - Run MRP Single item Multi level
Batch Input for MD02
Shortage/Surplus of material stock level due to differences in Planned/Production Order Start and Finish date
Subcontracting upgrade 3.0/3.1 to 4.x
Quota Arrangement for Multi Plant Purhasing
Planning Strategy
How Strategy 40 - Planning with Final Assembly Works
Number Range by Plants during MRP Run
Mass change MRP indicator
Connecting the planning calendar to your lot size key
MRP, timing of purchase requests
How System choose Production Version
Processing Keys NETCH & NETPL in MRP
Individual Collective Indicator in the MRP 4 View
MRP Run Exception Description
Problem in the MRP Run and Frequency
SAP MRP Profile - How To Used It
MRP Traffic Lights SAP
What Are MRP Type

Plan File
Meaning Of Planning File Entry
MD61 - Long Term Planning

MRP Tables In SAP

Material Requirements Planning Tcodes List

Planning Time Fence
Define Rescheduling Horizon
Defining Range of Coverage Profile

MRP Run For Individual MRP Controller

Sales, Operation and Planning (Info Structure S076)

Materials Requirement Planning Self-Test Knowledge
Material Requirement Planning Multipe Choice Questions And Answers #1

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