How To Create a Multilevel BOM and How Does It Work

Explain how to create a multilevel BOM and how does it work?

by: Madhu Kiran

Multi level bom is a Bom which it has different components at different level..for example:
- A ( finished material)
- B ( semi finished)
- C ( Raw material)

When you run the MRP, Bom will explode upto last level and it will plan the requirement of each individual material.

What ever may be the kind of BOM to be created transaction codes are as below:
- CS01 : BOM create
- CS02: BOM Change
- CS03: BOM display 
Pre requisites are material master record for the materials.

What you have to keep in mind is:
1. BOM creation is through CS01 only.
2. When you have to create multilevel BOM, you have to carry craetion of BOM level by level.
3. First create BOM for assemblies (means materials which are produced inhouse, means materials with procurement type "E" in the material master MRP 2 view).
4. Finally create BOM for the finished product using these assemblies as components.
5. When you see the BOM of finished part after creation through CS03, you can find these assemblies with a tick mark in the field "Assembly".  When you double click you can see the susequent BOM of these  assemblies.
6. Example would be for a vehicle suppose engine, front wheel, back wheel are the "E"parts.  Create BOM first for these engine, front wheel and backwheel with respective material components.
Then create BOM for vehicle with these three "E".
When you see the BOM of vehicle after creation, you can see a tick mark against these E parts which shows that they have BOM furtehr down and you can double click and see the components of these .

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