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How to get good Search Engine Rankings and get lots of Traffics is on every webmaster mind.  Search Engine keep changing their algorithm in order to prevent people from manipulating the search result.  Try your best to understand the Search Engine and do what it is necessary to optimize your site but do NOT be over engrossed by it or you will go crazy.

Do not try to hide text that are not visible and that are too small for the human eyes.  Search Engine nowadays are TOO smart for that kind of old tricks.

Instead, learn to put your website KEYWORDS in your index page and the first 100 words in your body text.

You can put in the Meta KEYWORDS if you want but most Search Engine have been program to ignore them.  Although Yahoo still reads them but how important is it a ranking to Yahoo is a big question marks.  One of the MAIN reason Meta tags are ignore is because it is not VISIBLE and many webmasters tends to put all kinds of non-relevant KEYWORDS in it.

For those with a NEW site, do remember that it can take up to 6 to 12 months before your site is RANK in Google.  Do not be ALARMED if you do not get MUCH traffics from Google during this period.

Tips for Listing your New web site: 
There are SEO Experts who speculate that your site will RANK higher if you let the Search Engine Spiders find it automatically via Links from other site rather than you add your url manually. 

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It doesn't matter how good your site is if you cannot get it to rank well on the natural search engine.  Learning the importance criteria of what the search engines are looking for really pays off in terms of web traffics when converted become cash at bank.

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