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During the initial stage when you just started your NEW web site, getting traffics from the Free Search Engine will take time.  Pay Per Click Search Engine give you INSTANT traffics without waiting for months and having to worry about the FOREVER changing algorithm for Free Search Engine.

Many webmasters have learn to utilize traffics from Pay Per Click Search Engines (especially Googe Adwords).  It has become a very powerful TRAFFICS tools for them.

Google Adwords ( is the largest Pay Per Click Search Engine. With Google AdWords, there’s a $5 activation fee, and the minimum bid amount is $.05. You decide on the maximum cost per click that you’re willing to pay and set your daily budget. You only pay for the clicks through to your site.

One of the MAJOR benefits of Google Adwords is that it is NOT purely about your BIDDING price.  You got to learn how to get HIGH click through.  The higher your click-through, the higher visibility your Ads will get BUT the lower BIDDING price you need to PAY.

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