Traditional VS Online Network Marketing Business Opportunities

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Network Marketing or MLM companies have been in existent for many years.  Despite the bad reputation due to a few black sheep, it is still one those companies that pays well due to its multi-level compensation scheme.  There are still many people who are still choosing it as a home-based business.  Furthermore, there are still quite a number of large and good Network Companies around for you to choose from if you make an effort to search around.

With the explosion of the Internet, many Online Network Marketing Business Opportunities have sprung out and it would be wise to compare its Pros and Cons of both type of Business Structure.  Choose the MLM Structure that is more suitable for your personality.

For both type of Business Structure the compensation scheme is the same.  You get paid for selling the product directly to your customer and earn a certain percent of commission for those sales people whom you help to recruit to sell under you.

In a traditional networking home-based business, success depends on the followings:-

- you physically have to go around everywhere you can think of to get leads and prospect,

- you buy advertising ads on newspaper, related magazine etc.,

- you pester, your friends, prospect or anyone you can think of for more leads,

- you need to make cold calls to your new leads to sound them out and check whether they are interested in the product you are selling,

- you sweat everytime you make a cold calls as you are afraid of the sound of slamming phones,

- you need to pay for your car petrol or other means of transport that you may be using,

- you need to meet up with your downlink physically to motivate or help them with any question they may have.

In an Online Network Marketing Home-Based Business, you too have to sell but via the internet ways:-

- you list your networking product on your website and let it do the selling by writing killer sales ads,

- you learn to optimize your website to get free new leads or prospects from the Search Engines,

- you can get more new leads or prospect by bidding for keywords relating to your network marketing product with pay per click search engine such as Google Adwords (

- you recruit your sales force by placing recruiting ads on your website, 

- you motivate and communicate with your sales teams using online tools such as emails, chat room or internet messenger,

- you have the global market at the comfort of your home unlike the traditional Network Marketing Business which is usually limited to the local market.

For those who have an outgoing personality and like selling and are not afraid of direct rejection from new prospects, then the traditional network marketing companies suits you.

However, for many people, they are afraid of direct selling and joining a large and reliable online mlm company is the best choice as they don't have to leave their home to make any sales. 

Wishing you success in your Network Marketing Home Business whether traditional or online.

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