Network Marketing And Why You Should Work For One

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Despite so many years, network marketing have survive till today shows that it is a viable and profitable business to be in.  The most attractive component of a network marketing business is the lifetime income one could earn from it.  If you study a networking marketing business carefully, it is actually a combination of a franchising and direct selling business.  This is because you represent as an independent person for the products or services provided by the network marketing company. 

In a legitimate networking marketing business, you don't earn a single cent for recruiting people.  It is only when a product or services is sold, then you earn a commission for the sale.  This is how a normal business function in the real world. 

The next powerful component people choose to work for a network marketing company is that it allow you to recruit your own sales force to work under you.  This is often refer to as downline.  You earn a small commission as the manager of your own sales team.  That is why people often treat a network marketing company as their own business.

Basically, people join a network marketing company for its long term life time residual income potential. When you represent a network marketing company there are no expensive franchise license and shop rental to pay.  Before the internet enter our live, building a network marketing business was not easy.  You got to constantly find new leads for your business and all are done physically.  It can be a really demanding job and it is also not easy to succeed.

When the internet enter our live, network marketing on the net allow a person with just a computer and internet connection to do business with anyone on this earth.  It had become of the best business for many people around the world to start and earn an unlimited income from the comfort of their own home.

As network marketing earns you an accumulative life time income, it is very important that you should choose one that will not disappear after you put in those years of hard work building the business.  Choosing a legitimate network company to join become a very important factor for anyone interested to start a network marketing business.

Some import criteria you should look out for are:

No of Years in Business
- It should be in business for at least five years. The longer the better as it is an indication that it is not those hit and run scam network marketing company.

Size of Companies
- The larger the network marketing company the better.  At least you know that they won't run away with your accumulative commission.  There are cases where smaller network marketing company flop after a few year in business and there goes your commission you have build over the years.

Internet Readiness
- There are now many network companies that support both a traditional or internet structure.  Which mean that you can do the business the traditional way or via the internet.  Building your business via the net is the prefer choice for the majority of the people as your business can reach a larger audience.

Countries Availability
- If the business can be done on the net, how many countries does it support.  Large network marketing company can support as many as 190 countries around the world.  The more countries they support, the more countries you can build your business.

Better Business Bureau (
- Is it a member of the Better BUsiness Bureau? 
Legitimate network marketing companies usually are register member of the better business bureau who help to keep track of those scam business opportunities. 

Finally, like everything else in life, whether you would want to build a network marketing business from home is really your personal choice to make.

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