Internet Network Marketing or MLM Success Rate Are Higher

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Why do most people who join a multi-level marketing or network marketing business failed? 

Do you know which is the best type of network marketing or mlm business to join?

The answer is very obvious, "getting new prospects or leads".  Even in an insurance or real estate business, if you failed to get new leads, your business is going to failed.  The number one problem with human is that they are afraid of rejection from those leads or prospects. 

At time those new leads or prospects can be very nasty and many of them are going to give you a hard time.  Of course, there are also those who are kind.  Furthermore, in any traditional personal selling business, you need to bug your family or friends.  Many of your friends might even try to avoid you the next time they saw you when they know that you are trying to sell them something.

To succeed in any traditional personal selling business, you got to learn how to be thick skinned, you got to learn how not to be shy, you got to learn how to talk and persuade, you got to learn how to constantly make new friends.  All these selling activities require you to spend time and it is very tedious.  At the end of the day, there are no guarantee that you can make any sales after talking and spending so much time on your new prospects or leads.

So, when you see those top personal selling agents, do give them a salute as they really work hard physically to achieve the top sellers position.  They spend more time and effort with their clients rather than their family.  Can you see now why the majority people will failed in any traditional personal selling business.

You must really thank God that the internet was invented.  It has really reversed the trend and improve the success rate of people who join an internet mlm or network marketing business.  Please don't be mistaken that you can immediately succeed after joining an internet network marketing or mlm business.  It does not happened that way. 

What is great about the internet is that it take away the "physically" effort that is required to succeed in the mlm business.  The "physical" effort is the most tedious and time consuming part and it is also the number one reason many people failed in their mlm business.

In an internet network marketing business, there are no "physical" selling.  You don't go door to door looking for leads, you don't have to give any scary presentations and you don't have any cold sweat making those cold calls.  But you need to work using your "brain" more often.

You got to have your own domain name and web hosting for your network marketing business.  You got to learn how to create a website and add contents related to your business. You got to learn internet, search engine, article and forum marketing.  You can see that the area of time and effort are different.  There are more "soft" skill required in a network marketing business on the net.

One main advantage is that your marketing time spend are more flexible.  You can spend time with your family while choosing to work during the night after putting the children to bed.  That is why more are more people prefer a network marketing or mlm business on the net.

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