You Too Can Be A Self-Actualizer

Positive thinking

It makes sense to gather whatever help you can and to learn from the experiences of others before embarking on a potentially life-changing decision. Use the quotations to inspire you: choose your favourites, copy them out and keep them visible. When you feel positive about yourself and your expectations then you know that it is possible to move in the direction that you want to go and to achieve your goals. It is the way that you think about things that makes the difference: if you believe that you can make a change then you will. Commit yourself to taking that first step and the rest will follow.

Know What You Desire

Only you can know what your dreams are and only you can decide whether you are going to fulfil them. Remember, Maslow believed it was possible for everyone to reach the pinnacle of the pyr­amid and to become a “self-actualizer”. This means being the best person you can possibly be and there is no reason that you cannot achieve this.

If you see your life on this earth as temporary, if you want to live your life to the full, if want to look back on your life without any regrets, then you can. Others have done it. Why shouldn't you? This is your life and if you don't like the way it is going then change it. Nobody else can make this decision or tell you what to do. Once you take responsibility for your own life you give yourself the power to make the change.

You have to work towards your goal – nothing worthwhile happens overnight. When you have made this decision to make a change in your life, you will feel powerful, scared perhaps, but powerful – in that you are taking control of your own life instead of just letting things happen or seeing “how things turn out”.

Remember that you just need to change one thing for your life to begin to improve. And, quite often, when you do make that change, the other things in your life that you want to change will follow. This doesn't necessarily have to be a huge change: even small changes in the way you behave towards others or how you look after yourself can make a difference. Many people find that when they begin to sort out things in their personal lives or their career then other problems diminish or even disappear.

Start Now

The small steps that you can start now all lead the way to the lifestyle you deserve. Just feeling optimistic about the future, because you know where you are going and what you are going to do, can make a huge impact on your feeling of well-being.

You can choose your own path. You can make the choice – instead of being led down a path or stumbling across it.

Take your life in your own hands and make sure that you enjoy being the person you always wanted to be.

Do something that will mean you have no regrets.

Do something that will make you feel proud of yourself.

Just remember: the first step is easy.

All you have to do is Change One Thing.

Contributed by Sue Hadfield 
Make One Change and Embrace a Happier, More Successful You

Self Motivation

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