YouTube Opportunity For Video Creator


There are now many YouTube opportunities to make money online as a video content creator.  The quality of videos created from Smartphone is also getting better and better with each new model.

The media revolution had already taken place in the 21st Century as youth now shun the traditional TV set in favor of YouTube or other video platform like dailymotion or facebook.

If you have youngsters at home, you will notice that they don't really watch television anymore with pre-schedule timing.  Instead, they prefer the freedom of timing and will go online and watch videos that are shorter or more talent driven.  This created a breed of young people who follows youtubers instead of Hollywood stars.

Revenue Sharing

The YouTube revenue sharing schemes have also created many youtubers who produced video in return for a percentage of the viewing revenue.  Stories of youtubers making tons of money circulating around the internet also contribute to the increasing number individual video producer.

The most popular video subjects are music, comedy, sports, video games, fashion or beauty.

YouTubers in Cooking

An example is Caroline Artiss who has been a chef for 20 years who opted out of restaurants to start a catering business in 2008.   One day, a friend showed her how simple it was to create videos for YouTube.

With a tripod in her kitchen, she starts creating her cooking videos and people around the world begin tuning in to her YouTube channel.  Her famed soon got her cooking her way across the United States for multi-episode show after catching eyes at BBC America and a television network in Malaysia.  Her cookbook will also be out this year.

YouTubers in Online Game

PweDiePie create captivating commentary while playing video games and has a very popular YouTube channel with many subscribers.

Popular online video trends include unboxing where people film themselves or others opening packages with unknown contents.

Another popular YouTube channel Hydraulic Press features videos of things being crushed by just that piece of equipment.

Smart Phone

The fact that almost everyone now has a Smartphone, anyone can produce digital videos if they have certain knowledge to share. 

17 years old teenagers can now compete with the likes of CBS and build an audience that would rival a major media company.

It is also possible for an amateurs to outshine a polished professional video producer with authentic connections that can make viewers think of them as friends.


The popularity of YouTube had created many money making opportunities and fame for many ordinary people.  Before the time of YouTube, it is total impossible to become famous if you do not go to Hollywood.  In the internet era, you can become rich and famous without leaving your house.

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