Investment and Stock Strategy

Understand Human Psychology as a Stock Strategy

Humans have a tendency to forget about the pain of suffering several years ago due to their recency bias. Their minds will also "fill in the blanks" for them. 

Also, every 10 years there are new entrants who are not aware of the crash 10, 20 years ago and come charging into the market. 

Once you understand the psychological makeup of the people you are trading against, you have a very high chance of making a lot of money. 

As the famed saying goes - Know thyself, know thy enemies, 100 battles, 100 victories.

Articles on Investment and Stock Strategy

Millionaires Investor Don't Take Risks
My own perception was always that millionaires lived life on the edge. I thought that they enjoyed speculating and taking risks, when in fact the opposite holds true. Millionaires only bet if the odds weigh heavily in their favor........

Important Element To Earn Profits
The most crucial guideline for trading would be to learn how to cut your losses unemotionally. You're not likely to be right all of the time on each and every trade. This can be a difficult lesson to learn and understand.......

Should You Get Out Of Stocks Now
Warren Buffett is a stock investor legend. Over the years, he has clearly shown an entire generation how to invest in the stock market, and how to make millions out of it. And the best part is, he makes it look all so easy......

A Trader's Worst Enemy Is Its Fear and Greed
Fear and greed, fear and greed, fear and greed. Emotions are a traderís worst enemy. What are we supposed to do about it? We are human after all. Human beings have emotions. We canít just throw a switch and suddenly......

Knowing The Danger Of Buying Shares
Why do people buy shares? Of course, they want to make money. But do people really make money? Some do, but majority donít. The truth is that selling shares is a plot used by big businesses to exploit the.......

Take Advantage Of Stock Market Volatility
In my opinion, due to the volatility of stock market prices (the rise and fall of stock prices), an investment plan should incorporate both the traits of stick-to-itiveness and common sense, and must have......

Knowing When To Sell During Stock Market Investing
First, recognize that there are no absolute formulas to tell us to sell at precisely the right time. Instead, weíll need to consider a bundle of factors such as the investmentís characteristics, the broad economy, and your......

A Naive Stock Operator Market Experience
Knowing nothing about the stock market, I turned to some colleagues to seem to know a lot about it. Following their advice, I opened an account with a stock brokerage company. Well, up to that point it was simple......

Weathers the Stock Market With Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguezí contrarian position in investment goes beyond adjusting the level of cash. He also reduces his fundís weighting in the sectors or industries that he thinks are overpriced. He has done this before......

Read This Before You Invest
It is important to answer the following questions before you begin to invest any of your money. The answers to these questions will help to guide you to when, what, where, and how much to invest......

Covers - What Do You Mean By That
As an investor, it may serve you well to consider your portfolio's protection. Have you protected your investments during this year's volatile cold snap and will you have the necessary diversification to enjoy......

Best Practices in Forex Trading
Many wonder how to gain the most profits by trading with FOREX. There are a few simple trade practices that can help any trader, either an amateur or a professional make significant profit from FOREX......

Trading Commodity Futures - The Basics Behind It
Trading and selecting futures require math and analytical skills. Futures are selected very strategically based on how the buyer or seller anticipates the direction of the market. Some traders look at supply......

Reading Between the Lines - Press Releases Scams and Successes
Press releases are a means through which companies can keep the public up to date regarding their recent affairs. It is the duty of every public company to keep its investors and indirectly potential investors......

The Best Investment
Every week I write something about the stock market - how to, when to and where to put your money and how to protect it from loss if you do. This week I want to say something very important to the young ......

Continue Adding Funding
Don't listen to the Wall Street gurus who tell you to buy a "good" fund and stick with it. The only good fund is one that is doing better than an average because you don't want your money doing a below average job......

Selling High and Buy Low
Now where have I heard that before? I know. It was my broker.  So I took his advice and bought some of the stocks he recommended. I am still waiting for the 'sell high' part of the equation. Everything he touted went up......

Expense Lies of Mutual Fund
When you ask the fund salesman (donít forget heís a salesman) he will assure you that the fund expenses are whatever is shown in the prospectus. He is telling you the truth, but not the whole truth, according......

You Cannot Afford Not To Look After Your Personal Finances
Think about this. There are two ways to make money. You can exchange your time for money or you can make your money work for you. Most of us work 40 hours a week. In this case, you are trading your time......

Financial Health Guide For Investor
Perhaps the simplest financial concept is the toughest for us to conquer- spend less than you earn. After paying your living expenses (bills, loan and mortgage payments, cost of food, charitable contributions.....

The Stock Market and Mr Thomas EDison
The financial brethren have been taught to invest by the Wall Street tribe that has proven to allow huge losses for the small investor. Small is considered less than a 7-figure account. Any customer with less than......

Retirement Stock Market Investment Plan
Understanding that risk and uncertainty are the key factors that propels the return on investment in the stock market far beyond the returns of Passbook Savings Accounts, CDís or Bonds are a start. The planís key........

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