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The Stock and Share Investment resources here will provides a source of information's for you to learn and understand about the different methods of stock investment and how to succeed in the stock market.  The stock market can either be a risk or an opportunity to earn money and it is all about the knowledge that you have gained.

First have a read on this Simple Stocks Purchase Principles and find out why Dividend Paying Stocks have lower downside risk.

Tips For Technical Trader:
  • Before you enter a trade, determine your CUT-LOSS point, be it 10% or 20% etc.
  • Be a TREND FOLLOWER as stock market CANNOT be predicted no matter how sophisticated the software is.
  • Take care of the losses and the profits will take care of themselves.
  • Capital preservation is the NUMBER ONE rule for Technical Trader.
  • Take OUT  your emotions and trade mechanically (if you can't do this, then forget about being a technical trader).
  • Trading in a bear market means frequent buying and selling, taking advantage of short-term movement.
Stocks and Shares
Stock Investment Market Experts Warren Buffett says :-
A depressed market makes it easier for our insurance companies to buy small pieces of wonderful businesses - including additional pieces of businesses we already own - at attractive prices. And third, some of those same wonderful businesses, such as Coca-Cola, are consistent buyers of their own shares, which means that they, and we, gain from the cheaper prices at which they can buy. 

Overall, Berkshire and its long-term shareholders benefit from a sinking stock market much as a regular purchaser of food benefits from declining food prices. So when the market plummets - as it will from time to time - neither panic nor mourn. It's good news for Berkshire. 

The Average Investor Is Better Off Trading Long-Term, and forget about short-term volatility.  Therefore, learn and understand the Essence of Successful Investment.

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