Steps To Create New Movement Types in SAP MM

How to create movement types? What are the steps involved? When will you recommend a new movement type?

Companies may request a new movement type to differentiate between the inventory posting transaction.  For example, 551 scrap movement type.  Some company may request to have it as 551 for Internal Scrap and Z51 for External Scrap.

Copy, Change Movement Types


Assuming I want to create another movement type Z01.

Transaction OMJJ

  • Select the standard movement type 201
  • Click copy, then overwrite the 201 with Z01
  • Click the Enter button, then click Copy all
  • Select the new movement type Z01
  • On the left hand column screen, click Reversal/follow-on movement
  • Fill in the reversal movement type
For the rest of the options, you can leave it alone or change it depending on your requirement

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