SAP CO - SAP Controlling Configuration Hints and Tips

All data relevant to cost flows automatically to Controlling from Financial Accounting. At the same time, the system assigns the costs and revenues to different CO account assignment objects, such as cost centers, business processes, projects or orders. The relevant accounts in Financial Accounting are managed in Controlling as cost elements or revenue elements. 

Controlling provides you with information for management decision-making. It facilitates coordination, monitoring and optimization of all processes in an organization. This involves recording both the consumption of production factors and the services provided by an organization.

As well as documenting actual events, the main task of controlling is planning. You can determine variances by comparing actual data with plan data. These variance calculations enable you to control business flows.

Income statements such as, contribution margin accounting, are used to control the cost efficiency of individual areas of an organization, as well as the entire organization.

Table of Contents

SAP CO Books
Books on SAP Controlling

SAP Controlling Basics

Transaction Codes
Cost Element Accounting TCodes
SAP Controlling Transaction Codes
Some Costing Screen

Master Data
How To Configure The Controlling Area
Maintain Operating Concern
Maintain the CO Versions
Maintain CO-OM Accrual Calculations

Good To Know Interview Questions For CO Applicants

Activity Types
The Meaning Of Activity Types

Cost Elements
Create Primary and Secondary Cost Elements
Delete Cost Element Group
What are the Cost Element in Accounting

Cost Center
Cost Center/Profit Center Accounting
Create New Cost Center Group/Cost Center
Creating The Cost Centre in Details

Production Order Individual Settlement - KO88

Settlement Of Production Orders in SAP CO

Production Order without Settlement

Product Costing using Standard Cost

Steps To Be Followed For Product Costing

Maintain Number Ranges for CO Documents
Reconciliation Ledger

Order Settlement Configuration
Settlement of Production Orders
Order Planning and Budgeting
Statistical Posting and Real Posting in Costing

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