SAP BW (Business Warehouse) Hints and Tips

The SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW module) is an enterprise-wide information hub. It enables you to analyze data from R/3 applications or any other business application, including external data sources such as databases and the Internet. The SAP Business Information Warehouse also offers easy integration with other New Dimension products, such as the SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP APO), the SAP Business to Business (SAP B2B), and the SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP SEM). Additionally, the Business Information Warehouse is a core element of SAPís MySAP.comís reporting strategy. 

The Business Information Warehouse is a comprehensive end-to-end data warehouse solution with optimized structures for reporting and analysis. To help knowledge workers quickly ďmineĒ the business data in an enterprise, BW is equipped with preconfigured information models and reports, as well as automatic data extraction and loading methods. With an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel based user interface, you can create, format, and analyze reports. Built for high performance, the Business Information Warehouse resides on its own dedicated server. Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and reporting activities are therefore separated, and system performance is not compromised.

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SAP BW Books
SAP BW Professional

SAP BW: A Step by Step Guide

SAP BW Ultimate Interview Questions, Answers, and Explanations: Sap Bw Certification Review

SAP BW Certification Tips
SAP BW Certification Exam - My Experience

Transaction Codes
PDF: Important T-Codes for BW Consultant

SAP BW Interview Questions
SAP BW Questions - Some Real Question
Self-Evaluation Questions With Answers in SAP BI
Job Interview Questions And Answers For SAP BW #1
Job Interview Questions And Answers For SAP BW #2
Job Interview Questions And Answers For SAP BW #3

SAP Business Information Warehouse
The benefits of SAP BW
SAP BW Cookbook

BW Task
Responsibilities of BW Data Architect
Production Support Work In BW

Different Types of Delta Updates
Difference Between Info Cube and ODS
Explain Multiprovider and Infosets
Difference Between BW3.5 and BI7.0
Comparison of BW Reporting Over R/3 Reporting

Web Application Server - web site cannot be found
How to do performance tuning on InfoCube??
Suggestions for Automating Loads
Removing Excel Macros After Saving as Excel Workbook
Reporting capabilities of SAP BIW
Loading Transactional Data
Customizing for extraction
Standard Infocubes for SD
Invalid source system name entered
Details of infocubes 0UCSA_C01, 0UCTS_C15
Replacement Path in Variable Reporting
Regarding Repairful Request
Delta Update for Generic Data Sources
About The Use Of Setup Tables
Loading Data to Infocube using Flat file
Explain Queued Delta Update Method

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