Google Chrome Is Not Working - Solution

Why is my chrome not working?

When I click on it, it opens up but never loads anything. 

The screen shown below is that chrome not loading pages. 

Is there anyway to fix it?

Google Chrome Not Loading Pages

All sites when using the browser chrome not loading pages, initial I have tried:

 1)  Uninstall, re-download and reinstall it.

 2)  Press F5 to refresh the page (which I think you've already done).

 3) Have check firewall's, security suite's settings to see if anything is blocking it.  Avoid disabling your firewall unless you're desperate and know what you're doing, but sometimes that will solve the problem and you know you have to reconfigure your firewall.

 4) Check your proxy settings and try connecting directly to the internet instead of using a proxy to see if anything changes.

 5) Check google chrome's settings to see if anything's weird.  However, this problem is that even google chrome settings is not loading.

 6) Try using google chrome on other computers (preferably in the same network) to see if the problem persists, if so then something is wrong with your network. 

 7) Try using Internet Explorer on the same computer to see if it works.

 8) Finally, I got it working via doing the Run regedit and deleting anything that have the word chrome

Start by uninstalling Google Chrome and then run the regedit

Run regedit

Click Edit -> Find and put a single word chrome

Then delete all registry lines with the word chrome.

Edit - Find - Chrome

Once all the chrome in the window registry were deleted, you can reinstall google chrome and it should work now.

Well, that's a normal procedure to get any web browser working anyway, not just google chrome. : Others

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