What You Say Is Important


What you say is important as this seemingly unassuming statement underlies a simple yet profound truth which is that the words we use define who we are. Put another way, your use of words reflects the person you are.

One of the most wonderful things in life is the opportunity and ability to exchange ideas and thoughts should not be taken for granted.

Every single of us have the power to create with our own thoughts and we had the power to be responsible to ourselves.  If you were to write every idea that you have thought over your life you could find that you would have a very large book of ideas.

What You Say Is Important

Read this before you think your next thought because over the years, many born with great wisdom and philosophy have arrived at a similar conclusion, which is an individual are defined by what they say. Of course such people relayed such conclusions in a far more eloquent fashion than simply "you are what you say" as illustrated by the following famous quotes:

Up to a certain point every man is what he thinks he is. (Francis Herbert Bradley, 1846-1924)

A man's character is his fate. (Heraclitus, c. 540-c. 480 B.C.)

One does what one is; one becomes what one does. (Robert Musil, 1880-1942)

Language most shows a man; speak that I may see thee. (Ben Jonson, 1573-1637)

Shape your thoughts carefully before they become words, say your words with care before they turn into action, and commit your acts with equal care for they define you. (Paraphrasing Baroness Margaret Hilda Thatcher, 1925-2013)

The Impact of What We Say

Now, imagine watching a sad movie you can be affected by the words which are spoken you can see that words can be very powerful. In fact, the people in the movie are actors and they are pretending to do and say things, but the story tends to draw you in and you are affected by the story line as if it were a real life situation. Therefore, it would be wise for you not to underestimate the effect of the spoken words.

The Negative Words Impact

A negative thinking person cannot succeed, why is it so?  Now, observe individuals who have grown up in an environment where they are constantly been told negative things you could notice that they be people who may end up having a negative view of life. Likewise, individuals who have received positive encouragement during life may tend to achieve more in life. From the observation, you could say that the words that you receive on a regular basis will eventually have a very important effect on your life. We can say that this could be a very powerful argument for giving positive advice and encouragement to young children.

Negative Emotion State

The impact of spoken words we use is not only external. The spoken words we choose to communicate with ourselves internally are equally as powerful. For example, when you use negative words like -

"I do not deserve this." 
"I am not good, tall, pretty, outgoing, and smart enough." 
"I am damn stupid."

Your self belief system is important and if you keep using such negative words, you will get yourselves in a negative emotional state and engage the law of attraction which, in turn, begins attracting exactly the things required to make those statements true. Your energy is vibrating on a negative frequency thus attracting the things that are on the same or a similar frequency. 

The Environment Impact

When person who hears a certain type of language on a constant basis can eventually end up speaking that way. For example, the friends that you mingle with daily will have an effect on the type of person that you are. If your friends are successful business people, then you may are likely to talk more about business. Likewise, if all your friends are sports people, you are talking topics would tend to do things associated with sport. So the spoken words that you hear on a regular basis could have a profound effect on your life. From the example, the same way the words that you are speaking could be having a great impact on the people you associate with. The old saying that birds of the same feathers flock together is true.  You really are unique and you should give some thoughts about the effect that you are getting around the people you associate with and are you getting the right effect to your life.


The words that we use daily can be very powerful and it would be wise not to underestimate the effect that your words can have on another person. Therefore, you should make an effort to consciously use positive and empowering words on a regular basis. By using the right words you may make a positive impact in the life of another person.

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