Thoughts Become Things So Think Positive

Have you ever wondered why some things seem to come so simple for some people while things that you wish for seem to take forever or never happen at all? Have you actually taken the time to think about what you spend a lot of your time focused on? Our bodies and mind feel the vibration of energy. This affects us and the people we interact with. When we feel something, when we say something, when we think something, our energy flows outward to others around us and to the universe at large.  Whatever you are thinking beware whether positive or negative your thoughts become things in your physical world. 

Be Aware of Our Energy Flow

Once we are aware and conscious of our energy we become more centered and compassionate.  We become moe responsible for our actions, words and thoughts.  We slowly become less reactionary to other people. When we are conscious of how our energy affects others we make more positive choices in our behaviours. When we start doing this we and the world around us begin to change in wonderful ways. Work on creating positive high frequency feelings as much as possible such as love, joy, enthusiasm, and hope. These are emotions that inspire others and also help them on a deeper energy level.

Focus on The Good of Life

Banish those negative thoughts forever.  You must learn to begin focusing on the good you want to attract in your life and begin using positive affirmations to help you achieve the faith you require to attract those good things. Also remember that one very important thing that the thoughts you think about become things. So how do you begin watching your thoughts so that you are not attracting the unwanted into your life? Well one of the first things I suggest is to stop watching a lot of television (especially the news) they constantly are throwing negative things into your mind and they try to instill fear into people. If you are watching that every morning then you are feeding your subconscious mind garbage; and you are probably thinking about some of that negative stuff throughout the day.

If you have a subject that makes you uncomfortable when you think about it, it means there is a strong desire related to it. Which means it really, really matters. So finding a way to think about it and feel good is your work. But it is equally effective to think about anything else and feel good, and let it in. You don't have to think about money in order to let in money. You just can't think about lack of money, to let in money."

Think Abundance

So, if you want love, you cannot dwell on the lack of it, or focus on the negative aspects and still expect it to come into your experience. If you want money, you can't discuss being broke and believe it will miraculously start flowing to you. If you desire career success, you can't disparage your boss and think you will be rewarded by this person in the process.

Therefore, before you think that next thought, it's absolutely crucial that you strongly believe and definitely expect to get or become what you have asked.

Affirm and Visualise

The universe responds to those beliefs and expectations. Having a hard time believing and expecting? Use affirmations and visualise yourself having attained what you are after. Affirm and visualise as often as you can, every day.

As negative or limiting beliefs crop up, switch them to positive beliefs, or you can use another very powerful technique which is exaggerating the negative belief so much out of proportion your mind will not make it happen, it will see it as 'silly'.


The last step is to be ready and open to receive and change. Be willing to accept (it may come from a totally unexpected source!) what it is you have asked the universe to give you, to help you become and start changing your negative thoughts pattern.

Keep an eye on your thoughts as much as you can. Keep sending signals of belief and expectation, be open to receiving, and you can speed up manifesting your desires. It all lies in the power of your thoughts.

Asking, taking action, believing and expecting, and receiving, are all initiated from thought. Deliberate thought is the foundation to manifesting your desires. Remember: thoughts become things.

Self Motivation

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