Finding Perspective In The Face Of Obstacles


How we look at problems will make a big difference.  It starts with the words with use.  Anything that someone may classify as a problem, I choose to refer to as a challenge.  A problem is known as an unbearable blockade, whereas a challenge is an opportunity to find a solution.

Finding Solutions

The way to find solutions is by oversimplifying what the challenge is.  Start by asking yourself, what is the starting point and what is the ending point we are looking for?  You can look at the conflict but focus on the solution.  Don't get yourself caught between gray areas because every situation can be solved by reducing it to a simple, logical form that is understandable.

Setbacks and Failures

The gift of failure, many people stopped during the process rather than realizing that it is just part of the journey.  Setbacks and failures teach us what does not work so we can focus on finding a new solution that will work.  Everyone had heard of trial and error and yet often we do not exercise the patience and disciple necessary to see this process through to the end, but this is what it takes! 

Finding Solutions Secrets

Try to learn something new daily by continually being aware of your environment and paying attention to what people are concerned with.  View every challenge as an opportunity to find a solution.  Do this by examining what the given situation is, which is the starting point and what solution to look for, which is the ending point.  The secret is to not look over your shoulder and get caught up with the past.  Constantly look forward, because you never know how close you could be to a breakthrough and you could be just three feet from finding gold.

It's Progress

Your real achievement and the key to getting what you want comes from moving forward towards your dreams and being flexible.  That is why it is important to have the mind-set that you are working toward progress and not to be perfect.  As long as you are moving nearer to success, you are consider successful. Let me remind you again it is your progress that count and not perfection. 

Start and End Point

For example, if you plan to go from point A to point B, you know your start point and you know your destination. You get into your car and start to drive.  Now, you have plan a start and an end point.   What happens along the way like road blocks, detours and flat tires simply does not matter as long as you stay in motion and keep moving toward your destination.  Despite the challenges you may face, as long as you keep your eye on the prize and continue to make progress, eventually you'll end up at your goal.


Never be afraid to share your ideas, questions or fears with other.  It's like when you lost your way, you will ask for directions or call a mechanic when you have a problem with your car.  There are always people waiting to assist you in your life journey.  Successful people know that they can't do it themselves and will need help from someone along the way and vice versa.  By getting others into your dream, ideas, plans and fears, you are taking advantage of their experience and feedback from them.  See the world as abundance and you shall receive abundance.

Self Motivation

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