Brian Tracy - Popular Self-Help Author 

Quotations by Brian Tracy :

"Confidence on the outside begins by living with integrity on the inside."

"Every minute you spend in planning saves 10 minutes in execution; this gives you a 1,000 percent Return on Energy!"

"Develop the winning edge; small differences in your performance can lead to large differences in your results."
"Whatever is expressed is impressed. Whatever you say to yourself, with emotion, generates thoughts, ideas and behaviors consistent with those words."

"Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends."

"The universe is completely balanced and in perfect order. You will always be compensated in full for everything you do."

"Everything you do is triggered by an emotion of either desire or fear."

"Never settle for anything less than your best."

"A single person who lacks commitment can be a major source of problems in your organization."

"Refuse to compromise what you know to be right for anyone or anything."

"Your brain has more than 100 billion cells, each connected to at least 20,000 other cells. The possible combinations are greater than the number of molecules in the known universe."

"The act of taking the first step is what separates the winners from the losers."

"Resolve to be a master of change rather than a victim of change."

"If you envy successful people, you create a negative force field of attraction that repels you from ever doing the things that you need to do to be successful. If you admire successful people, you create a positive force field of attraction that draws you toward becoming more and more like the kinds of people that you want to be like."

"Read an hour every day in your chosen field. This works out to about one book per week, 50 books per year, and will guarantee your success."

"Your success will be affected by the quality and quantity of new ideas you suggest."

"The day that you stop learning is the day that you start decreasing your rewards and start suffering from frustration and lower levels of satisfaction."

"Any system or blueprint for success is better than none at all."

"Be a great listener. Ask questions and listen intently to the answers."

"Imagine no limitations; decide what's right and desirable before you decide what's possible."

"Confidence is a habit that can be developed by acting as if you already had the confidence you desire to have."

Popular Book by Brian Tracy : Million Dollar Habits: Proven Power Practices to Double and Triple Your Income

"Tomorrow never comes and yesterday never comes back, so live today to it's fullest so that your yesterdays will be remembered with happiness and your tomorrows will be full of brightness and hope."
*-- Nick Smith 

Lost people.  Lost.  Wandering this earth alone.  Never looking up or around.  So much to see.  There are others.  Lost.  Looking.  Never finding the answers.  The answer is right beside them.  Reach out. 
*-- Kathryn Clifford 

"Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."
*-- John Quincy Adams

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