Reversal Of Material Posting Using MBST

What is the use of MBST transaction code?

It is used to Cancel the Material Document.

What is the different between returning by MIGO 102 and MBST 102 cancellation?

There is no difference between cancelling the Material document in MIGO and MBST.

MIGO is an Enjoy transaction, it is a replacement for the transactions MB1A, MB1B, MB1C, MBST, MB01 and MB0A etc.

As far as the 102 movement is concerned, there is no difference between MIGO and MBST. But if you are using CIN, excise records are not updated if material document is cancelled with MBST. It will be updated only if you cancel with MIGO.

What is the difference between MB01 and MBST for GR Cancellation?

MB01 is used for doing the GR for collective PO at a single instance.

This transaction will be utilize when an individual needs to create a material document. A material document can only be displayed or changed after it has been generated in the SAP system. In a computer based inventory management system, the principal of "no posting without a document" applies. A material document is generated and stored in the SAP system for every transaction that causes a change in stock. 

As mentioned, when a goods movement is posted a material document is created. It serves as proof of the movement If the movement updates a G/L account; an accounting document is also created. The material and accounting document s are identified by unique document numbers 

Once you have posted a goods movement, you cannot change material numbers, quantities or account numbers in the material document. You can however use the 

Change command to enter additional or change text information such as comments or references. To reverse the movement or change a quantity, a new transaction must be performed.


Perform this transaction when a previously performed goods issue must be cancelled due to an error in data entry or other circumstances deem the previous transaction unnecessary.


A previously played transaction that requires cancellation.

An existing Material Document in SAP.

This Transaction will be utilized when an individual needs to cancel a material document due to a data entry error or other circumstances deem a previous transaction unnecessary. A material document can only be cancelled after it has been generated in the SAP system. A material document is generated and stored in the SAP system for every transaction that causes a change in stock.

Performing this transaction will "undo" a previous transaction by reversing individual line items in a material document or by reversing an entire material document. This transaction will reinstate the affected cost center, purchase order or stock location to the state they were in prior to playing the original transaction.

I've a intercompany STO for which we created a Delivery, PGI & GR. After this, we realised that we have an issue and want to cancel the STO - I'm trying to do a GR reversal (102 mvt ) but the error message is "Deficit of PU IR quantity XXXX.000 EA" - but the stock does exist and there is no issue with that stock. In the PO history tab, I see the 'Tr./Ev. Goods Receipt' mat doc., 'Tr./Ev. Invoice Receipt' mat doc., 'Tr./Ev. Goods Issue' mat doc. and 'Tr./Ev.  Delivery Note' doc. in that order. All these documents are dated 11 Mar 08.What I'm I doing wrong?

PU IR stands for invoice receipt quantity.

Cancel first the invoice, then do the 102.

After reversing the Invoice, also make sure to reverse/cancel the Outbound Delivery doc in VL09. Also, cancel any Bills created by the Supplying CoCd in VF11.

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