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The Free contents on the Linux operating system here are Linux overview,  hints and tips, programming, example, questions with answers, FAQ and Linux interview questions you can used for your Job interviews. 

Linus Torvalds is not only the father of Linux but its heart and soul and still the main brain behind it. Every piece of code is tested by him before it is allowed to become part of the kernel.  Linus works as a programmer for Transmeta Corporation.

Linux version 0.01 posted on the net in September 1991 ready to be copied and tested by the so inclined.  Version 0.02 swiftly appeared the following month. Versions after versions followed in quick succession as the code was tested, twisted, tweaked  and overhauled. Version 1.0 was released in March 1994 and by that time the estimated number of Linnux users was half a million! Starting from what was aimed at being at an efficient operating system, today Linux can power not only things as tiny as wristwatches but huge Beowulf clusters of Supercomputers. All those breathtaking special effects that you saw in "Titanic" wouldn't have been possible but for the cheap and effective supercomputing clusters of computers powered by Linux.

Linux Forum
Post your problems to the Linux Community.  This is an email discussion group for Linux administrators, system programmers, designers, system engineers to share information and request assistance from Linux PEERS around the world.   The discussion topics should be focused on anything about Linuxx and it related issues.

Linux Discussion Forum for Linux Professional
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Linux Interview Questions

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