Why Photograph are Important When Selling in Ebay

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You have heard the famous quote: "A picture says a thousands words".  When it comes to selling in e-bay, pictures serve as an important factor whether buyers will buy from you.  Posting pictures of your products helps the buyer to see the products condition which they are interested in bidding.  This gave them more confidence to bid for it.

Here are some other reasons why photograph improve bidding response from buyers:


- Pictures have a visual impact on human beings.  It gave them a feeling of trust as they feel more comfortable after seeing the pictures.  At time, it is because of the attractive picture that make them decide to bid.  Furthermore, the pictures also shows that your products is not a piece of junk that looks like it is being pick up from some rubbish bin.  In online buying, pictures is the only way buyers can have a view of their product before they fork out the money to buy it.


- Buyers in e-bay believe that sellers who take the trouble to take pictures of their products and post them in e-bay are more reliable.  It tells them that you are the type of person who would make the effort to do things nicely.  When they purchase from you, they can be sure that you would package the product properly before posting it to them.  If they have any problems with the products, it gave some indications that you are more likely to respond to them.

An Edge

- Put yourself as a e-bay buyers.  When you search for a products on e-bay, are you sure you like to read about the product that have a few hundreds words.  It is most likely to turn you off immediately.  Most buyers pay more attention to pictures rather that words.  That is why having pictures gave you an edge against other competitors who don't provide their product picture. 

Now that you know the importance of having pictures of your products, you should spend time on how to put it in e-bay.

Reduce Cost

- Today, getting your own domain name and web hosting are very cheap. It can save you quite a sum of money especially if you have many products to sell on e-bay.  It is more expensive if you were to pay e-bay for each additional picture you want to add.  Owing your website means that you can upload as many pictures as you like by pointing it towards your website via a html codes:

For e.g.:
img src="http://www.yourwebsite.com/picture.jpg"

Improve Quality

- When taking photograph of your products, make sure you got a good digital camera.  A professionally looking pictures should be taken on a lightly coloured table or against a white wall.  Before you put it in e-bay, ensure that they buyers get the best view of your items by checking the look of your pictures on your pc.  If necessary, used a image editing software to touch up the pictures.

All the best to your e-bay success.

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