Why Marketing Your Own Product Should Be Your Top Opportunities

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No matter how good an affiliate opportunities sound, it cannot beats the stability and control that you can get from owing your own products.  Businesses online that are build solely on affiliate programs are VERY risky and unstable.

That is NOT a right strategy to adopt as you are putting your business on the net at risk.  To succeed in making a living online, you got to owned some products which are under your control and also allows you to KEEP 100% of the profits for each sales. 

Owning your own products doesn't mean that you must create them yourself.  There are many netpreneur who bought Quality Master Resale Rights of products and resell them at 100% profits.  They even create affiliates program in ClickBank and let other affiliates sell for them by giving them a share of the profits as high as 75%.

In the long-run, if you calculate the odds, the real winners are the AFFILIATE OWNERS.  Most of the internet millionaire you read on the web are actually AFFILIATE OWNERS.  Yes, you may make some money from joining affiliate programs BUT overall making a living online purely from affiliate programs is really a BIG challenge.

Read this email view from an affiliate:

No, it's not easy being an affiliate.  My personal experience as an affiliate boiled down to this: 

Select products/services that folks can't just run out to the store and pick up.  Affiliate program can be very depressing - you have to have hundreds of visitors every day to make commissions on sales. 

I had the best results being an affiliate of products that aren't easily found at your local store. But even so, as niche-y as they were, I didn't make hundreds of $$ because it was a very narrow niche. 

If you're going to succeed in affiliate marketing, you really have to know the product/service you're re-selling, understand the biggest benefits, and most importantly, articulate those benefits with crystal clear, compelling copy to get customers to buy. Simply pasting up a clickable link or graphic just won't cut it. 

I now promote my own digital product on CB. I put it up last October, and May was my best month. I don't expect sales to climb every month, because this is a niche that is very very narrow and during certain times of the year, people simply are not interested in purchasing my digital product. That's OK, I'm fine with it. 

It was a hell of a lot of work up front - writing and refining the book; getting the cover art done; developing the sales copy; setting up the CB account; developing an intelligent, sane, workable Google Ad campaign; tweaking/refining/experimenting with the sales copy. 

So, yes, the best way to make money is (this is a surprise, isn't it?) to make your own product - get it listed on Click Bank - pay your $50 and let the affiliates traffics it for you. 

As you can see, affilate programs are basically GOOD as a secondary income.  It gave your customer more products choices but it should NEVER be your main income earners.

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