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There are no other businesses that requires little to no training.  For a minimal start up cost, you can produce profits that range into the millions of dollars per year.   The key to Network Marketing is numbers, how many people you can put into a funnel for there to be a positive outcome at the bottom of the funnel. 

To answer the question posed by the title one must first understand how a typical business works. So I will first give a brief explanation on how businesses operate to achieve profitability and maintain it. Next will be a discussion on how Network Marketing answers the questions of traditional business. Concluding with Why Network Marketing can work for you. With the information contained in this article you should have a pretty good understanding of how businesses operate and Why Network Marketing IS the right choice for you.

Traditional businesses work to make a profit. They do this by making or acquiring a product at a wholesale price and selling it for a retail price. This is not a difficult process to comprehend, its very basic. Buy low; sell high, its how the stock market works and its how traditional businesses work. The catch is this; how does a business let a consumer know about his products? They must advertise, and they must advertise heavily to achieve any likeable conversion ratios. They advertise on television, radio, billboards, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet…etc. This advertising is NOT cheap; many TV ads can run into the millions of dollars for a 30 second spot in primetime. Radio likewise is not cheap, as are the other forms of advertising. But there is another form of advertising that ALL companies count on and it doesn’t cost them a dime to use. Its YOU, word of mouth advertising is the single most effective method of product awareness available, and it’s the cheapest. How many times have you called your best friend and told her about the great new shoes you saw at the store. Without knowing it you just promoted a product, and it didn’t cost that company anything, all they did was put it on a shelf for you to buy it and talk about it. That’s called Networking, and you didn’t get a dime for your efforts, the company got paid instead.

Now Network Marketing steps in and blows away all those pre-conceived notions about business and how it IS SUPPOSED to be conducted. Network Marketing works on the principle of people, people working together toward a common goal. That goal being, operating a profitable business for the sole purpose of making money. Now lets assume for a second that you drink Coke, now you don’t get paid every time you drink one do you? But what if you did get paid every time you drank one and you got paid every time you recommended that somebody drinks one and they keep on drinking them. Then they tell some more people and then they get paid for telling them, and so on and so on. The best part about all this is that it didn’t cost you a dime to advertise it. You have a network of friends now that trust in you and respect you, why is it a far-fetched idea then that they wouldn’t trust in a product that you recommend to them.

There was a saying that I recall from my childhood that went something like this, “There are a billion Chinese people, now how could they all be wrong.” Well that statement rings true in Network Marketing as well, there are over 100 million people conducting their businesses today using the Network Marketing business model, so how could all of them be wrong? Yet still there is more advantages to Network Marketing, when you go to work all week you get paid for the time you are “on the clock”, and for nothing more. In Network Marketing you have “Leverage”, and leverage is what allows you to be able to not have to work those 40 hours a week. In my case for example, my business is currently operating in 41 countries, which means that when I go to sleep at night there are people waking up in Japan working on their own businesses and I get paid on their efforts as well. That’s Leverage! I could walk away from my business for the next two weeks and it would still be there making money for me.

This next part is going to test your mettle and endurance for exposing the true nature of you. You have read this article up to this point now and are thinking, “Yeah it works for him and only the ones at the top, how can it work for me?” The first thing you must do is let go of your “satisfied with mediocrity” attitude. Get out of your comfort zone and make a decision that you are not going to live like you are now. You have been told all your life that only hard work and sweat is the way to make money, or the only way to make money is to have money or inherit it. Unfortunately for you, you are the victim of mind viruses, those pesky little things that have been told you all your life and they are all negative. Look around you right now, pick up that newspaper and find me something positive, 90% of what we read and watch on TV is negative. It’s always the same, how many murders or who’s house burnt down, or how many cars were stolen that night. When you are told the same message over and over again, you are being programmed and don’t even know it. First you must realize that you are being programmed and then change your own programming. Read this aloud, “I can do Network Marketing, and I can realize my Dreams.” If you can speak and point you can do Network Marketing.

There is no other business that requires little to no training and for a minimal start up cost can produce profits that range into the millions of dollars per year. There is no one guy at the top raking in all your money, which is of course what Bill Gates does, in fact it is a Network of people all working for their own benefit and for their own success. Now here’s the thing you wont like, if you don’t get what I just wrote about in the previous few sentences, then you are just flat not going to achieve anything, so go back to your couch or recliner and set that beer on your belly and click away your life with that remote. You don’t get it and never will, you are too full of negativity and mind viruses to do anything in your life except the daily grind for peanuts. Go back to your pathetic existence and be satisfied with your own mediocrity.

So why can Network Marketing work for you, because you already possess the skills needed to be successful by reading this article to this point. Because you didn’t care what I think, you wanted information to make a decision and that’s enough for you to be successful in this business. The key to Network Marketing is numbers, how many people you can put into a funnel for there to be a positive outcome at the bottom of the funnel. Someone once described to me like this. If you put a drop of honey into a funnel is it reasonably expected that it will come out the bottom, well no of course not, but if you pour a whole bottle of honey into that same funnel will there be any come out the bottom. Yes there would be, and yes there would still be some inside the funnel that doesn’t come out, but we are only concerned with what came out the bottom. It’s the same in your business you must put people into the funnel for there to be a measurable positive outcome, the more you put in the more will come out.

It’s that simple, nothing more and nothing less. How many people walk into a store and don’t buy anything? Would that ratio change if there were more people that came into the store, probably not, but there would be more people buying which is of importance to you because that means profit. I know what you just said to me, you said but I don’t know a lot of people. Well your flat wrong. The average wedding draws 250 people, the average funeral 300 people. If you can get 300 people to come see you when you are dead don’t you think you can get 50 to come see you while you are alive? But it all boils down again to you and your own personal beliefs in yourself and the confidence and posture you maintain. You can do Network Marketing and it is the business model choice for many around the globe, and it will be for many people tomorrow. You can be one of them; don’t let others spoil your success by keeping you mediocre like them. Get out and make your own mark, make up your own mind that you have the right to be successful and just do it.

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