Turning Designer Goods Back To Cash

If you have designer goods you no longer wear or use and your closet is getting crowded, it may be time for some spring cleaning. But you don't have to discard your new designer clothes just because you don't have room to keep them.  You can actually turn them back into extra cash in your pocket without the trouble of trying to sell them yourself. 

However, re-selling them in the traditional consignment shops is not the way to go as they will take a large percentage of your sales.  Secondly, they and can have trouble selling your items quickly.  Instead, you should sell your designer goods on internet sales spots like eBay as they can move well priced designer goods very quickly. Many people are afraid of selling their items on eBay and for good reason as they are might be afraid of technology stuff. Futhermore, the website can be confusing for those new to auction sites, and shipping the items properly takes some research.

But there's no reason to rule out selling your beautiful but unwanted dresses and handbags on eBay, even if you're computer illiterate. This is where professional consignment sellers come in. These companies photograph, list, sell, and ship your goods for you, then hand you the hard cash. They take a small percentage for their time and effort, and you pay the few dollars in for listing fees eBay charges.

But you never have to fiddle with a digital camera, try to find the proper box for shipping the goods, or haggle over the price with an internet buyer. These business are usually known as an eBay consignment store or an eBay drop off store. Although they focus on selling items online, they usually have a brick and mortar location for accepting items and storing them safely. Even if you're unsure if your item would sell, you can drop in to one of these stores and the helpful eBay experts can tell you how well it would do, and what price it would like fetch.

Regular designer consignment shops often take as much as 50%, but online consignment shop prices remain much lower. If you've got a piece of designer goods that might be collectible or rare, the company can save you the time and hassle of researching it's history and value. Many of these designer resale specialists have contacts in the designer fashion industry. That contact can give them far more information on a special Gucci purse or pair of Prada shoes that can't be found with just a simple internet search.

Therefore, the best way to make room in your closet while making cash for new clothing is to bring your designer items to an eBay consignment store. They'll take the best care of your designer goods while researching, photographing, and listing your items. They also know the tricks of eBay and how to maximize the exposure of each item they list. Best of all, you pay lower percentages than you would with a traditional consignment store.

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