Tips For Beginners Who Want To Earn From Home

Everyday around the world, there are many individuals who aspire to earn money from their own home.  Here are some no nonsense tips to help beginners who are new to making money from their own home.

Tips 1

My First Tip would be to research the company your business first by using Google Search, search for reviews for the company of affiliate business you wish to join. Remember that most people in multilevel marketing businesses will tell you anything to get you to join as without referring you they will not get paid.

Also please note that not everything people say on the internet about companies are true so look through several reviews of the business or opportunity you are thinking of joining. 

Tips 2

Remember the traits of a work at home online entrepreneur, be consistent and don't jump from one thing to another. For example, if you start out as an affiliate put in some hard work and gives it at least 6 months before you decide whether you should stick to it or move to something else. 

Tips 3

Committing to one idea and sticking to it, it is very important to PLAN your strategy.

One of the easiest ways to lose motivation, give up or decide to try something else is because your goal is either too distant or you haven't created any!

One idea and how I plan is to break everything down into smaller manageable tasks. 

Also, start at the end and work backwards. What I mean by this is to set a long term goal - for example 12 months from now. Then, where you want to be in 6 months (half way between now and the 12 month goal for example) and so on:

In 3 months (12 weeks) I will............................ Set your goal
 In the next month I will........................ 
This week I will.................. (list everything you need to do to achieve the 1 month goal above, and break down what can be done in a week)

and finally: TODAY I WILL................
 Tomorrow I will...................

The reason for doing things this way is that when you start ticking tasks off your to do list, it feels great and becomes almost addictive! Also, setting 4 tasks to complete each day is so much easier to take in and far less daunting than saying something like: 1 year from now I will earn 10k per month. 

Every day you are still getting closer to your end goal, but it feels a lot more realistic when you break it down.

Tips 4

Form an alliance with a mentor or mastermind group in your area of interest, and let them guide your progress. But don't just intellectually absorb the things they share, put them into action and realize the benefits for yourself. That experience will be your best teacher as you make money work for you and be Financially Independent.

Tips 5

1. Leave the house physically in the morning, walk round the block for 10 mins and then come in and get straight to work.

2. Have a dedicated work space. Working from the lounge, the dining room or bedroom is not great. These are for other things! Keep your "work" space as that and the lounge for lounging, the dining room for eating and the bedroom for _______ (other than sleeping you fill in the blank).

3. TV off! Some people can work with the TV on in the background. Switch it off and focus on what you need to focus on.

4. Leave jobs till after you have finished. Just because you are at home, does not mean you have to be doing the housework. Define times in the day where you are working and do house work when you switch off from work.

Tips 6

Best tip is to not believe anyone who overhypes the income side of business opportunities. The old get rich quick line is a sure give away that it is a lie for there is no such thing as get rich quick opportunity. Always look for a get rich slow opportunity is my best tip. 

Always think long term, focus on recession proof businesses, ones which save people money, not induce them to spend more for less. Look at products which save people time, for time is money, especially when starting out for you will have to commit to invest the time necessary to start your business, so make the time, stick to it, never give up, even if you fail, for I have never met one single entrepreneur who hasn't failed before they found success. 

Do not be afraid to fail, learn from mistakes, and then move on because building wealth requires you to self educate yourself. Sadly, most people are not conditioned to this basic fact about being in your own business. The fail, then never try again, similar to what we hear constantly in the MLM arena of home business opportunities. Simply put, it is not easy to become a success in any business venture, it takes time and money along with persistence to succeed, and choosing wisely will eliminate many of these obstacles entrepreneurs face when starting their home business.

For beginners, choose a company which offers products that practically sell themselves to eliminate the rejection factor. This is one of the biggest obstacles we all faced when starting our businesses, the fear factor of rejection. Rejection is part of all sales based businesses, and this is why so many quit before the really begin, rejection. So choose products which save people time and money first and foremost. Everyone wants to save time and money, so find that niche product which will do just that and your road to success will be shortened by 1000%.

Tips 7

1. If you have a job Keep it until you have matched you income - hard work but less stress, worrying about money.

2. Choose something you are passionate about, you won't mind learning more and spending spare time working.

3. Find some good forums, membership site, and a mentor you trust.

4. Start small as a hobby business.

5. Believe totally in yourself and your business, don't give up, but don't expect miracles overnight.

6. Test and check for progress, be pleased with your growth, it will spur you on.


Some of the greatest inroads are made by experimenting. Don't be afraid to dip a toe in a new method, product, site etc and see how it goes. Validating things for yourself will see you progress well. All the best!


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