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Ever wonder why people are willing to sell their ebooks cheaply?

There are many enterprising online entrepreneur on the internet and the way they do business are very creative and interesting.  As you probably know, you can easily buy any resale rights to an ebook package and then resell it on the internet.  That gave people the opportunity to sell them cheaply on the internet at a very low profits.

Why sell for a low profits when you can sell them at a higher price?

- High Volume Sales

The answers is sales by volume.  When the profit is low, you still can make profits if your sales is high.  These group of netpreneurs who are doing this usually have a high traffics website and they are able to that in order increase their ebook sales. 

The second group of people sell their ebook cheaply on ebay.  They list their ebook at a price that is enough to cover their listing cost plus a little profits.  Ebay constantly self promote their website and millions of potential buyers visit ebay daily and a low price ebook can attract more buyers for more volume sales.

- Sales for Future Profits

The money is in the list. That is what most internet marketers will tell you.  With this selling plans, ebook netpreneurs make used of their ebook to collect emails.  Obtaining the customers email means that they can contact them later to offer them a more lucrative products with higher and better profits.  There are also people in the emails lead generating business that sell their email lists to others and the profit margins are much higher than what they can earn from their ebook.

Another netpreneurs could used it is to put some other more profitable products as links into their ebook.  As the customers read the ebook, there is a very high chance that they will click at the recommended related links and purchase the products on offer.

Lastly, there are those who sell the ebook cheaply even at a loss purely just to generate website traffics.  Website traffics cost money, instead of bidding for clicks in pay per click search engines, netpreneurs generate their website traffics from the ebook that they owned as back links in the ebook. 

People are more forgetful and they are more likely to forgot your website than an ebook which they have paid for.  When they re-read their ebook, your website link are there to remind them of your web existent.

As you can see, ebook selling can be very lucrative whether you profits from it directly or indirectly.  There are still many creative ideas which you can think of to incorporate the power of an ebook into your business. The sky is the limit.

Wishing you success in your ebook selling business.

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