Stay Home Mom or Stay Home Dad Need Your Support

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Staying at home working is going to be an unstoppable new trend in the new work environment.  It can be the mom or dad who will leave the corporate world to care for their home and families and the decisions is a personal family matters.  What is important is that the stay home mom or dad still want to contribute financially to the family incomes. 

Working from home is very challenging as you have to strike a balance between your work and other home activities which can consume your work from home time without you realizing it. 

Here are some tips to support your stay home mom or dad:

- Think Positively

Play a part by being a good listener to your partner when she/he talks about their home business.  Staying at home to work is equally important when compare with your full time job.  You can never know how large the home business can grow and nothing beats those positive words that come from your partner. 

- Take care of the Kids

Working from home means your partner is spending the whole day, in fact everyday with your kids.  Kids normally would like to asked lots of questions and bud your partner and many hours of business time could be consumed unknowingly.  Help by taking care of the kids whenever you are home as your partner need some break too.

- Word of Encouragement

When your partner work at home, there are no work colleagues around to share any work problems.  A little encouragement are often what your at home partner needs and sometimes it is that little encouragement from you that motivate he/she to be successful in running the business.

- Help whenever you can

You can help in the home business by doing some of the work.  Like answering and reading the emails, update the website or proofread a documents.  Helping out show that you are concern about your partner work and it build up a closer relationship for both of you.

- Never Give up

Running a business can never be easy and it take times to be successful.  Talk to your partner regularly and when she/he feels discourage, listen and give your encouragement and inputs about the situation.  Failures are only temporary and running a new business requires experience before it can be a success.  Remind your partner that every business take time to learn and grow.

- Pray to God

Never underestimate the power of prayer although it cannot be proven scientifically.  Many people have seen remarkable result by praying for guidance and it is important especially to a work at home mom or dad.

Of course, that is not all you can do for your work at home partner.  At times, surprise he/she with a little gifts as an encouragement and that little thoughtfulness can really give them a boost in their business morale.  Supporting your work at home partner not only shows that you are a caring person, more importantly, your family and your marriage will benefits in the long term.

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