Questions To Ponder When Creating and Selling an E book

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What are the questions you need to consider or think about when creating and selling an e book?

Well, here are a list of questions which you can think about when you intend to start a work at home business selling information e book:

- Title of your ebook
Without a title, it is like without a goal.  Think of a title even before you start writing your ebook and the flow of writing will be smoother.  Your title should also be attention grabbing to entice your buyers.

- Are you writing the ebook youself?
Do you have enough knowledge to write the whole ebook yourself or do you need other authors to contribute related contents to your ebook?  At times, a person may not have all the necessary knowledge to write the whole ebook and it is good to get some external help.

- Do you intend to published a printed version of your ebook?
Many ebook publisher later re-published their ebook as printed books to expand their earnings to the offline market.

- What ebook formats you intend to used?
HTML ebook formats offer more flexibility and functions but cost more as compare with the normal pdf format software. 

- Your Target Market
Do you intend to target a niche market with lesser competition or a highly competitive market? You need have a larger internet marketing budget if you opt for the 2nd choice.

- Testimonials
Having someone who can write a testimonials for your ebook can help to boost its integrity.  Probably another well known author testimonials can really boost your ebook sales.

- Benefits 
What benefits does your ebook contains?  Does it help the buyer to solve a problems?

- Guarantee
Are you going to offer them guarantee of refund if the ebook does not live up to the buyer expectations?

- Author Bibliography
A good bibliography about your past achievement and experience can help the buyers to judge the quality of your ebook.

- eBook Cover
The first impression is the best impression.  Your ebook cover should look professional as people like to judge an ebook by its cover. 

- Sample free pages
It is a good tactics to entice the buyers by allowing them to read some free sample chapters of your ebook.  It seems to be a common practice by many ebook publisher nowadays.

- Payment
What type of payments do you accept when buyers want to purchase your ebooks? Pay Pal seems to be the popular choice for many ebook publishers.

- Affiliate
Do you intend to leverage on other netpreneurs to sell your ebooks?  Employing affiliates to sell your ebook by giving the a commission per sales can really boost your ebook sales. Click Bank is the No 1 choice for many ebook sellers as they have an existing large pool of ebook affiliate on-hand.

- Pay Per Click
Do you intend to advertised your ebook through pay per click search engines?  Google Adwords ( is one of the favourite ppc search engine online ebook publishers like to used.

May the questions above help you to prepare yourself for the task of creating and selling your own ebook.

All the best wishes.

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