Marketing Is The Most Essential Component

If you are somehow getting into a Network Marketing business, you should know that the word MARKETING is the most essential component towards your succeed. Just keep inside your mind that no matter how great your product is, if you don't know how to market, noone will know about it and nobody will care.
Marketing must come first before any Sales can happen.
Many people in the mlm business are trying to make the Sale without doing the marketing. Just imagine this, if McDonalds didn't do a marketing first, what if they didn't know anything about their consumers? What if McDonalds didn't know the average income they could make? Who their target consumers are and what they want? If they just jumped out and start selling hambugers, fries and happy meals, don't you think it could be very confusing if you were a consumer in the market place and you don't know what actually they sold.
It's the same with your netowork marketing business, even if you have great product line, you sell this and that, people get confused not because the product is too expensive it's because the distributors didn't learn MARKETING.
So, we talked about why marketing is so essential in your line of business, then we need to just make sure that there are few things that we should understand before we even start this process and this is where the key components of marketing comes in.
Who are going to be your prospect?

It is actually very easy to market what you offer to laser targeted leads. So, if you are a network marketer, your target prospects are those people who are already involved in the industry but struggling to achieve success, people who are planning to get involve on this kind of business and people who are looking for your product or service (if you're in direct sales).

What do they actually want or wish to get?

If your prospect doesn't desire what you are offering, this will going to be a tough sale. So, know your target prospect and provide them what they want which is a solution and guidance. Give what they want and you'll get what you want, simple.

When can or are they getting it?

In the line of marketing and sales, the key is always now and if you don't think they want it now we'll going to create an urgency so that they do want it now.

Where can they get it?

This is fine if they can get it from you directly, maybe you can direct them to a website, maybe they can get it at a local store or call you on phone to get it.

Now that you know the who, what, when and where in the Science of Marketing, one of the best way to implement what you've just learned is to leverage the internet. With the power of the net, you can do all your marketing with lesser effort, more audience to reach and more leads while at home.

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