Ideas to Develop an Online Residual Income

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What is a Residual Income?
Everyone likes residual income, who don't.   Residual Income is like a memberships fees which you need to pay months after months in order to remain in the membership club which you have sign up.

Here are some ideas which can help you build an Online Residual Income.

Join an Affiliate Program that pay a Residual Income

The easy and fastest method is to join affiliate programs that offer you the opportunity to earn a residual income for referring your visitors to their products or services.

You can encourage people to sign up to your enewsletter, ezine by providing them with free email course or ebook.  Building a large subscribers based eNewletter or Ezine are one of the most powerful way to promote affiliate products or services to your subscribers.

Operate a Subscription Membership Service

Currently, if you are offering free contents or services to your visitors, you can drive repeat traffic to your site by adding special benefits, options, tools or special membership privileges contents area on top of your free contents or services which your visitors must pay to use on a monthly or yearly basis.

The renewable of membership will provide you with a constant flow of residual income.

Develop Own line of Products or Services

Those with software expertise or the hardware can develop and sell your own line of software products or services that your customers must pay for on a monthly or yearly basis such as autoresponders, webhosting, or new domain names registration or renewable.

Start your own Affiliate Program

With your own Affiliate Program, you can create a powerful auto-pilot sales force that promotes your services or products for you.

If have a service or product that requires a monthly or yearly subscriptions,  your affiliates can successfully help you build a residual income for you by continually promoting your services or products to their visitors or subscribers.

Wish you success in building a successful Online Residual Income.

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