Getting Over The Frustration In Business

It is possible for online marketing to be a very lucrative opportunity for anyone. Successful marketers are always painting similar rosy pictures for you - working while lounging on the beach, luxurious cars and vacations all over the world.  Indeed, it's a rosy painting.
However, there is a darker side to everything and these are the things you'll almost never hear any Online Marketer talk about, but it's there, hidden from view. The real truth is out of the millions of people trying to make money on the Internet, only a small handful actually succeeds. You can probably count the truly successful marketers by hand (relatively speaking).
Many of the marketers do in fact make a decent living, but they're nowhere near the beach houses and the Ferraris.  Many of them just end up deeper and deeper in debt, burning holes in their wallet trying to make it work.
You might have read somewhere how easy it is to do web flipping. Just take a low performing website, fine-tuned it a little and sell it again for profits. But do you know enough basics on how to redesign a low performing website, how to improve it or how tough the competition is?
Of course that's only one example of the many. Yes, there are easy to follow guides and courses you can buy, but no matter how well you can follow instructions there are still important factors that cannot be followed - experience and luck.
An experienced web flipper can easily tell you whether or not a site has potential after it's being changed.  It's not something that can be taught easily. And even then sometimes it won't work out that well, and that's the luck factor.
Unfortunately, this is where many of the newbies get lost.  This standalone work is unlike working a job where the outcome is guaranteed, taking projects on means that you're an entrepreneur, which carries with it a certain amount of risk.  It's just reality. But that doesn't mean it's impossible.
As you gain experience throught failure, you'll learn to identify much more profitable opportunities and distinguish between what will work and what won't.
Both experience and luck play important roles in Online Marketing. You will never hear it from those who are trying to sell you their latest product or system, but they know it to be true. Speaking of selling, almost no Online Marketer will be 100% honest with you when they're trying to sell something. Good marketers have the ability to spin magical words (hype) that will guide your mind to the conclusion they want you to think, even if it's not true.
However, it doesn't mean they're lying either, whatever they've claimed is true. They've just made you think that it's much easier than the actual work you have to do, for example, a product might tell you that all you have to is "push a button" to instantly shove cash into your bank accounts but they won't tell you that it involves having to research markets, learn a few skills, invest in tools, and other stuff that you need to make it work in the first place!
That's why you must get a grasp on the online marketing basics. It will help you develop REAL skills that every hopeful online marketer needs to succeed - not just be promised a push button solution and getting disappointed over and over again.
Some of those skills you need require a little time to develop, some intuition, creativity, and knowledge of how different cash generation systems work online. Don't get sucked into the hype but neither should you just give up!


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