Common Mistakes Made By Those Working Online From Home

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We are all humans, and humans are not flawless.  We are bound to make mistakes.  There are many mistakes that you will make when you start your home business career and it is important to view each mistake as a lesson to be learn in order to be successful.

- Over Concentration on a Single Area of Website Marketing

Many online home business owner often made the mistake of over concentrating on reciprocal or link exchange.  They thought that the website with the MOST links will be king and thus neglect in other areas which are also important for their website rankings.  Search Engine like Google have over 100 criteria's which they used to rank a site and you have to cover as many areas as possible in your Search Engine Optimization in order to appear first in their SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Never put all your search engine optimization in ONE basket.

- Not Clear in their Online Direction

It is good to diversify and build multiple streams of income online.  However, make sure you are establish in one area before starting another website with a different market.  You are bound to go off track if you tried to hurried your online success path.  Specialization makes you more money that over diversification.  Look at people who specialize in their career.  They earn more than those who skills are generalize, don't they.

- Not Having their own Online Business Domain

Purchasing your own domain name and web hosting will bring in free traffics from the Search Engine.  Free web hosting like yahoo geocities have little chance of getting much traffics from the Search Engine as the free domain are not unique.  Furthermore, free web hosting usually contains lots of advertising that are beyond your control.  Domain Name and Web Hosting are quite cheap nowadays and it is a necessities for your online success.

- People who Still Believe in Get Rich Quick Stories

Get Rick Quick success stories will live forever as there will always be a group of people who still believe in their stories.  These group of people still believe they can get rich quick by paying for the 97 value ebooks that will give them the MAGIC formulas that they need.  Their act will only make the sellers of those get rich stories RICH.  For the buyers, they will often get
burnt and end up telling others that you can't make any money online.

- Failure to track their conversions rate

For any kind of business, it is important to track your sales conversion rate.  If you are running a pay per click advertisement, ensure that you take time to evaluate your ads result.  There are no short cut on tracking your conversions rate and it can only be done by continue testing, research and fine tuning.  Jot down a list of variables that you have used and spend time testing them weekly.  In time, it will improve your online profitability.

- Failure to have a Consistent Marketing Plan

Business Advertising is the MOST important variable in any kind of business.  Pay attention to those ads you see daily on the newspaper, televisions and magazines.  They are usually companies which are already successful, and yet they continue to pour money on advertising.  Draft up an advertising plan for your online business and make advertising part and parcel of your business forever.

Wishing you success by NOT making the same Online Business Mistakes.

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