Make Part Time Income From Jobs Stuffing Envelope

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Are you on the lookout for jobs part time to make some extra cash? 

Keep your eyes wide open as there are many opportunities around.  Many are legitimate but there are some that are not.  Avoid those outrageous advertisement claims that you can earn lots of money from a simple job such as stuffing envelopes.

It is true that envelope stuffing is one of those simple and easy part time jobs to do.  It is so simple that you can it do even without any job training.  The task only involve a few basic steps: putting the content on the envelope, addressing, seal it and put a stamp on it and one envelope was completed. 

The work is easy and simple but finding a legitimate at home job stuffing envelope is the difficult part.  Try searching the internet or your local newspaper advertisement for this kind of work and the chances are pretty high that you will hit upon a scam.  Scam envelope stuffing means that you don't get paid as promised even though the work was completed and in many cases, there isn't any work at all.

One hard facts you need to know is that making a few hundred dollars from envelope stuffing alone for a few hours of work per day is quite impossible. No matter how lucrative it sound, a part time job from envelope stuffing can't earn much.  Advertisement that says they are offering you 5 dollars or more per envelope stuff is really a scam job opportunity.  The advancement of machinery have made the cost of stuffing envelope to only about 50 cents or less per envelope and how earth would someone pay you 5 dollars per envelope. 

What the promoter of these mis-leading ads wants is to make money from you.  Usually, the advertisement will request those who are interested in the job to send in a fee.  The applicant fee could be as high as 25 dollar.  They often assure you the it is a small amount and this method helps to separate those who are serious and non-serious applicant.  They also assure you 
that the money can easily be earn back by stuffing a few envelope. When the information reaches you, it would be too late when you realize that their work are not legitimate as you need to find your own customers or next victims by following the instruction in their so called letter they mail to you. 

Now, to avoid those scam job opportunities, do take note of the followings:

- Beware of those ads that gave unrealistic or amazing salaries without disclosing their company information.

- Beware of companies that request an upfront fee before they can send you the job information.

Legitimate companies looking for part time employees will never request you to pay any fee in order to work.  Do you need to pay a fee for your full time job?  Even the job recruiter fee is paid by the company that employed you.

Finally, keep in mind, the simpler the job, the lower the pay.  The more difficult the job, the higher the pay.  This simple formula remains true forever.


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